Pregnant and over-whelmed

Linh, a young Vietnamese woman, was on a student visa and halfway through her studies when she and her husband, Dahn came to visit the team at Pregnancy Help.

March 20, 2024

Linh, a young Vietnamese woman, was on a student visa and halfway through her studies when she and her husband, Dahn came to visit the team at Pregnancy Help.

They were agitated, and sad, and  looking for a termination of their pregnancy. Their sadness was for the love they felt for their baby and for their inability to see the possibilities of keeping their baby.

The journey with Linh and Danh was quite typical of the women that Pregnancy Help see who at first feel overwhelmed by circumstances.

Many are not aware that someone cares enough to help them and has the resources and time to do so. It is at this stage that women make decisions that they often come to regret.

This is Linh’s testimony.

My heart-felt thanks go to Pregnancy Help for their valuable support! When we first found out we were going to have our first baby, we felt on top of the world! But then worries started to overwhelm us, as I am an international student in NZ. Just thinking about the maternity cost here made me stressed and depressed. The negative thoughts were not good for the development of the baby or my studies.

I then came across Pregnancy Help on Facebook, and after reading several of their posts, I had a feeling that they could help us. We decided to pay a visit to their office where we were warmly welcomed by the lovely ladies – Hilda and Julia. They were wonderful supporters, they listened to us, introduced us to the free service they offer and suggested many feasible options.

They really helped lift the burden from our shoulders, making us feel very relieved. After many follow-up exchanges, Hilda brought us the fantastic news that I could get free maternity care in NZ! Can you imagine how much this meant to me?

Thanks to their practical assistance, I could go ahead with a more positive attitude and confidence as I knew that I would always have someone to turn too. As I move along with my pregnancy, Pregnancy Help continues their support by giving out maternity clothes and later on many, many necessary baby items. Every visit I make to Pregnancy Help makes me feel at home and well supported. I can’t thank them enough! I hope this place is known to more people in need especially for students like me.

If you or someone you know, needs help and support during pregnancy, please contact the following agencies: Pregnancy Help: (09) 373 2599 Family Life International: (09) 629 4360 or 0800 367 5433

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