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Be part of the solution to develop thriving families and communities

Are you a local or national business that would like to get involved in helping a worthy cause in your local community?

Then please contact the Foundation team (09) 360 3045 or and let's chat about how we can work together to make a difference to those in need.

Driving positive impact

By engaging in corporate giving, businesses can drive social change in areas that align with their stakeholders, staff and community.

Making a difference

By engaging in corporate giving, businesses can be part of the solution to making local communities stronger.

Supporting local community

Corporate giving isn't just an act of generosity. It's change-making and investing in making it better for everyone.

Grow the culture of giving!

You can provide a positive and engaging working environment for your employees where charitable giving is fostered and nurtured.

Our partners

Tindall Foundation

For over 25 years, The Catholic Caring Foundation has been a local donation manager, (through the New Zealand Bishops Conference) for the Tindall Foundation. We disburse grants on their behalf throughout the Auckland diocese (from the Far-North to the south of Auckland).

We are sincerely grateful to the Tindall Foundation for their impactful support.

Kumeu River

Internationally recognised for their award-winning wines, the Catholic Caring Foundationis sincerely thankful to Kumeu River Wines and the Brajkovich family for their support.

Foundation North

The Catholic Caring Foundation is sincerely grateful to Foundation North for their support.

The Holzer (Len) Family Trust

Our sincere thanks to the trustees of the Holzer (Len) Family Trust who have partnered with the Caring Foundation to ensure that the legacy of the late Len Holzer continues to have impact in the wider Catholic community. During Len's life-time, he greatly supported the charitable work of the Church.

Why I support the Foundation

“Being a more hands-on ‘action-orientated’ person, with a strong desire to put into practice my deeper belief in caring for those in need (a big part of my Catholic upbringing), I was a bit stuck for what I could do to help when I returned to New Zealand some years ago.

Why stuck? Despite all the will in the world, I was not one of those with the innate ability to provide hands-on care in the experienced, skillful, practical way that is required in cases of desperate need.  That ability is a real God-given gift, and those with that gift need support around them from the rest of us.

Discovering the Catholic Caring Foundation and the types of organisations it funds and supports, gave me my own kind of ‘active’ way of helping change lives, within my Catholicism, through making my donation to the CCF every month so that the remarkable work can continue.”

Elizabeth Brown

Two young girls holding hands in a paddock.